Dealing with automobile accidents

Dealing with automobile accidents and resulting injuries

If someone harmed you or your vehicle, due to their rash or negligent driving, you are completely justified in taking legal action. This is a very important moment in your life where you should hire a professional law firm.

You need to know your legal rights, so that after an accident, you are not the one that has to bear the brunt of it- both financially and physically; all because of the offender’s careless driving. In most cases, you might have to sue immediately; following a car accident. Read the below mentioned points to know how hiring an Auto accident attorney can help you protect you rights and get your due compensation.

What happens if you hire an Auto Accident Attorney?

  1. Remember that you only have very little time to sue:

In most jurisdictions, the statute for filing an automobile accident claim dictates that you sue between one and two years. If you fail to sue within the stipulated time, you are essentially foregoing your suing rights for that particular case forever.

  1. You have to agree to go by certain rules if you wish to sue.

A police report needs to be filed within a certain period. Your state’s jurisdiction might be having other requirements apart from these. An experienced attorney who is familiar with the legalities can assist you in making sure that you do not lose your right to sue the party that is responsible for the accident.

  1. Your own insurance company may under-compensate you:

Almost all insurance companies aim to spend as little as possible to ensure high profits. Since your motive and your insurance companies’ motive may clash, hiring an auto attorney is often the only way to make sure that you have someone; to protect your interests.

  1. You may not understand the extent or severity of your damages initially:

A major car accident brings with it a whole range of expenses, from getting your vehicle repaired or replaced, as well as cost of treatment. Even apart from these foreseeable expenses there are other problems, such as lost wages due to absence. Without the services of an attorney, you might not be informed about your legal rights to gain reimbursement.

  1. Proof of liability:

Even if you have eye-witnesses on your side and a police report that states clearly that the accident occurred due to the fault of the other party, proving his/her negligence in court can be quite tricky. Keep in mind that the other party may too be represented by a competent attorney who will try his best to protect his client. You need an attorney with a good understanding of the law and can supplement his arguments with valid references to other similar cases to support your stand.

  1. Laws may differ from one place to another:

Vehicle insurance terms and rules are made by every individual jurisdiction. What’s more, in some places, one can choose to sue even if he/she was partially to blame for the accident (comparative negligence). In most places, however, if you have caused the accident, you do not have rights to sue (contributory negligence). You will need to consult a lawyer at to know more about the jurisdiction in your locality.

All the above points are essential to follow in the event of an accident, so be careful!