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Published on November 19th, 2013 | by Dan Tighe


Wrongful Death Hit and Run

Ms. Pierre was driving at sixty miles per hour when she struck and killed a pedestrian that was attempting to cross Conway Road on foot. According to police reports obtained in Orange County, Ms. Pierre did not stop. She left the car accident scene and proceeded home. How anyone could possibly call a hit and run a car accident is beyond me but we will use that term liberally throughout this blog.

Ms. Pierre was later caught when a security guard at her apartment complex saw the broadcast of the accident on the news and noticed the damage to her car. Specifically she had a broken windshield and front end damage to her bumper. The security guard then called the local police department to report the damage.

Our Boca Raton personal injury attorney has seen his fair share of wrong deaths that were the result of car accidents and they do not get easier with time. We have seen careless acts like the one reported above that show a total disregard for public safety and wellbeing. It is our hopes that we never see or read about one again but being realist we know that will not be the case. In a case such as this one the driver and their insurance company can be held liable for all of the damages suffered by any survivors and of course the Estate of the decedent. It is vital that you hire an experienced lawyer to help you navigate the waters of your claim.

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