Worker’s Compensation

Receiving workers’ compensation benefits in Florida is not an easy task. There are many restrictive laws that prevent an employee from receiving their due benefits under their employers’ work comp policy after an injury on the job because ultimately Florida is not an employee-friendly state. This emphasizes the need to contact a workers’ compensation law firm in Florida as quickly as possible, no matter how minor or serious your injury might be.

Florida Workers’ Compensation Laws

Florida laws are designed to support and protect a business’s interest and therefore favor the employer in a workers’ comp claim in many ways.

  • You don’t pick the doctor:

After a workers’ comp injury, the insurance company will refer you to their choice of doctor to determine your injury (diagnosis), extent of injury and plan of care. This is important because these employer-friendly doctors will determine the amount of benefits you receive or are denied.  You do not get to choose your own doctor. As experienced workers’ comp attorneys on your side, we can provide the best protection to help you interpret your rights and get you the most benefits from your work-related injury.

  • There are a limited amount of experienced workers’ compensation attorneys:

Workers’ compensation attorneys in Florida are usually paid by an insurance company or by an employer through a payout from the insurance company. Sometimes this payment is not received for months when the case is settled and therefore it is getting more difficult to find experienced workers’ comp attorneys in Florida.

  • Workers’ comp checks received are limited in time:

The Florida workers’ comp system strives to have the injured employee back to work as quickly as possible for minimal payout. Once released by the doctor to return to employment, all workers’ comp benefits are discontinued and most people have no choice but to return to work, even if they are not feeling fully recovered.

  • Job protection is not guaranteed:

Employers do not have to guarantee that while you are out of work for your injury that your job will be available when you return. As a knowledgeable law firm, we would be able to assist.

  • It is difficult to prove disability:

Employees are often denied workers’ comp benefits if they are able to perform another job, even if it means at a lower pay or new job title. This is how insurance companies limit their payouts.

As Workers’ Compensation Attorneys, We Work For You:

With all of the Florida employer-friendly laws and policies, it is of utmost importance to know your rights and benefits, and help avoid the loopholes that an insurance provider will tend to impose.  Consult workers’ compensation attorneys in Boca Raton, FL, to assist you in getting the benefits you deserve and look out for your own best interests. Let our experienced workers compensation attorney guide you and advise you and protect your rights to maximize your claim.

All telephone consultations are free and confidential at our Boca Raton workers’ compensation law firm, and come with no obligation. Let us help you receive the most rewarding outcome by examining and helping you interpret your case, and then assist you with your rights to achieve a smooth and satisfying result. We look forward to helping you.