Products Liability

Many people are unsure what actually constitutes product liability. Basically the law that relates to the supplier of commercial goods would fall under products liability. It is the responsibility of this supplier to ensure that they are selling safe products to their customers. The liability does not just stop with the manufactures; it extends to the distributors, the suppliers, right on down to the retailers. Anyone who comes into contact and then sells the product again has an obligation to ensure that the product is safe for consumer use.

The lawsuits that have come forward over the years against both large and small corporations have been instrumental in helping to develop better and safer products. Think about all of the important safety mechanisms that are now required as part of product liability lawsuits. Everything from safer tires, to car seats, to cribs, to fire proof pajamas for children are all a result of manufactures taking the steps to ensure their products are fit for consumer use.

If you have been injured from the use of a defective product you need to contact an experience Boca Raton personal injury attorney right away. These cases are extremely complex and should only be handled by someone that is able to handle the workload that they will bring on. Our office has the manpower to take on large corporations to ensure your rights are restored.