Medical Malpractice

Medical malpractice lawsuits are extremely important to ensure that our healthcare is always up to the standards that we deserve. While there is a lot of chatter about being able to lower overall healthcare costs by limiting the awards payable due to medical error, the simple fact of the matter is that in doing so would most certainly lessen the quality of care that we receive.

Unless you are a trained professional, when you go to the doctor or hospital you are putting your entire faith and trust in these professionals. After all, do you know how to read your charts? Do you know what to look for in this test or that test? More than likely the answer is no! When you put your faith in the people taking care of your health and they let you down serious injuries or death can be the consequence. Therefore it is not only vital and prudent; it is a necessity to have medical malpractice claims to ensure your care and the care of other patients that come after you.

As a Boca Raton medical malpractice attorney I take on cases that involve negligence in all types of medical fields, including cardiology, surgery, obstetrics, emergency medicine, family practice, neurology and neurosurgery, pediatrics, gynecology, as well as claims for failure to diagnose cancer.

You not only deserve the best care available to you, you must receive that care by a true professional. If that professional breaches your trust and standard of care great injury and even death is a distinct possibility. Because medical malpractice claims are extremely complex with numerous medical issues it is important that you hire a law firm that is experienced and has the financial capabilities to purse your claims. It is not unheard of for a sheet of experts (mostly other doctors) to have to be deposed and testify as to the poor treatment you received. We have the resources to aggressively attack the people and entities that have given you unacceptable treatment. Call our West Palm Beach medical malpractice attorney today to set up your free initial consultation. As with almost all of our cases we will take your case on a contingent fee basis only (assuming that you have a case). This means that we will front all of the costs, expenses, and legal fees to vigorously fight for your rights.