September 24, 2021

5 MPH Accidents Can Cause Serious Damage

There is a great YouTube video that was recently posted by the Hartford Department of Public Safety. In this video local police provided volunteers an opportunity to experience an auto accident at only 5 miles per hour. When you watch the video and see the way each of the participants necks and heads move violently, I think you will see the severity that even such a low speed impact can have. While a low speed Boca Raton car accident may not cause a lot of damage to your vehicle, it could cause serious damage to your body. If your insurance company is not being fair in their claims paying, seek the help of a Boca Raton car accident lawyer right away.

Our office handles all different types of Boca Raton personal injury cases but specialize in automobile accidents. Regardless of the speed of the accident, injuries can and often do occur. It is always wise to have your injuries looked at by a medical professional. No matter how “tough” you think you are, these aliments can often worsen over time.



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