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Published on December 2nd, 2013 | by Dan Tighe


3 Secrets Insurance Companies Want to Keep Hidden from You

Car insurance companies barrage you with ads claiming that you are “in good hands” with them, but truthfully, they are only in business to turn a profit, often at your expense. Every dollar they neglect to pay out in insurance claims equals another dollar in their coffers and one less in your pocket.

Unfortunately, many car accident victims have the false assumption that the insurance companies are on their side, and they jump at the first offer that is made. If you are in an accident, the only person who is truly on your side is a car accident attorney, who will fight to help you receive every dollar that you deserve. To demonstrate this little known fact, here are three things you will never hear a car insurance company admit during one of their catchy commercials.

1. It is a Mistake to Sign Anything Without Consulting with an Attorney First

The people working in the claims department of an insurance company know that the sooner you decide to settle your car insurance claim and sign on the dotted line, the less money they will have to pay you.

After an auto accident, the average person simply wants to resolve the matter and move on as soon as possible. However, accepting the first offer from the insurance company to settle the claim is a huge mistake. Unless you are an experienced car accident attorney who is well-versed in the practices of insurance companies and the auto insurance claims process, it is likely you will be unfamiliar with the documents provided for you to sign.

In such a case, you could be settling for a much smaller amount than you truly deserve, or you could be waiving any rights to claim compensation for future injuries as a result of the accident. Therefore, you should never sign anything until you have consulted with an experienced car accident attorney.

2. The Insurance Adjuster is Not on Your Side

The claims adjuster is on the insurance company’s payroll, not yours. Their sole job is to establish the value of your claim on the insurer’s behalf. They have numerous open claims at any given time, so their primary objective is to close your file as soon as possible for as little as possible and move on to the next case.

As a result, your right to receive the money you deserve is not their priority. Car insurance claims adjusters are seasoned pros with top-notch negotiation skills. If you are in an accident, trying to negotiate with them will likely be a losing battle. Instead, you should call a Boca Raton car accident attorney to negotiate on your behalf.

3. You can Still Consult with an Attorney After Talking with an Insurance Company

The insurance company will neglect to tell you this, but an experienced car accident attorney can become involved in the process at any time, as long as you have yet to accept and sign the insurance company’s offer. Of course, the sooner you contact a car accident attorney, the better. So, do not wait too long, especially if you have sustained injuries from the accident.

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